never step in line


Canadian rock band The Impulse, best known for their onstage energy conquered crowds and quickly racked up over 40 000 Youtube views. The band offers engaging live performances and their sound is like Foo Fighters and Billy Talent mixed together in a giant blender. The band gained momentum playing festivals and massive shows all over Quebec (Festivent, Surface, FMQ and others) sharing the stage with touring bands like Paceshifters, Grimskunk and getting the attention of critics like No more division, who commented that their make music "is sure to get your adrenaline pumping". In 2016, The Impulse teamed up with sound engineer and producer Patrick Donovan who worked with artists like Final State, Automat, Velvet Black, Desirae and many more to release their new album in september of 2018. Trough 2019, the band aims at touring the album on Canadian Soil as well as shooting new music videos.


Vocals, Guitar / Malcolm Julien
Back vocals, Guitar / Samuel Nadeau
Vocals, Bass / Kevin St-Pierre
Drums / Alexandre Poitras